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The Power of Daily Ritual

Updated: May 6, 2021

Rituals bring up connotations of rites of passage, religious practices, and much more. However, a ritual is as simple as brushing teeth after every meal. Implementing positive rituals into life can bring about amazing success and change in a very short amount of time. Here is why.


Our Ego has a purpose in our life. This purpose is to remove us from feeling in union with every other person on the planet. It can guide us through childhood and as we learn what works for us and what does not work for us, and we continue to use these defaults into our adulthood. The ego brings separation to our awareness.

It is through this realisation of separation where we can actually grow into a greater awareness of unity. In order to continue growing, we must incorporate healthy rituals into our lives.

We must create rituals in order to place our egos in the backseat. When we engage in rituals, we move into a methodical motion and our egos relax. When the ego relaxes we can glimpse another outcome.

Our egos want to maintain themselves in comfort. This is why self-change can be so difficult for so many people. It is people's egos that want to continue smoking or drinking, that deny there is a problem, and that beat up people who fall off their desired direction of change.

Rituals quiet the ego because they have the certainty to them.


A ritual is some action that is completed on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis that is not missed. For the focus of this article, I will focus on daily rituals.

Daily rituals might include brushing your teeth before going to bed or washing your hands after visiting the restroom. Rituals may also include overeating after dinner or drinking too many beers after a day of work.

Each ritual has incredible power over the results we see in life. If we desire a change in our reality, the first place to look is at our rituals. Take a moment now to write down as many daily rituals as you can.

Next to each ritual, place a plus sign or a minus sign beside the ones that support your dreams or take away from your dreams, respectively.

Anytime we consider a change in behaviour we are adding something or taking something away from our lives. With respect to rituals, there are usually some rituals we do on a daily basis that we will ultimately want to take away. Perhaps it is the ritual of smoking or a behaviour slightly less obvious, like condemning ourselves anytime someone else is upset with us.

We have the power to choose and create our own rituals.


Successful people engage in powerfully positive rituals every day. Consistency is key. Establishing positive rituals will allow the ego to relax and by doing so, the ego will give up some of its need to control our lives. We can then create desired change without the ego coming in to sabotage what we wish to create for our life experiences.

On your list, highlight one or two rituals that have a negative sign beside them. These will be the two to replace. Now we must develop two healthy rituals to insert.

A positive ritual is something that will benefit us, move us in the direction of our goals, and may not feel good initially. An example of this may be incorporating a gym workout routine into your daily rituals. Initially, going to the gym may not feel good. Your ego may fight it constantly as the change is not comfortable. However, if your sites are on losing weight and feeling better about your conditioning and health, the ritual will move you forward. And in ninety days or so, going to the gym will become a part of who you are.

The people who get up every morning at dawn and run are not the people that need to be running. Those people do consider themselves to be runners, though. And if they missed their ritual, they would feel it throughout their day.

A powerfully positive ritual to do daily is to say "I love my life" every morning your feet hit the floor from your bed. Say this to yourself for ninety days and notice the changes it has in your life.

Once you maintain your ritual for ninety days or so, it does become a part of who you are. And, positive rituals will change your life in a positive way-just like negative rituals will bring you more of what you do not want.

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