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Australian Spooky Salem, Massachusetts Experience.

Like many of us ladies with strong witchy vibes, my sisters and I have always wanted to visit Salem... the city of witches.

As a couple of Aussies gals, we have always loved travelling and no matter the distance, experiences are what we after. Salem Massachusetts is a longgg way from home and for the time of year we so cold. Our time outdoors was limited, because we don't experience cold like this in Australia. EVER!

So we made our way to Salem and had our day planned out, where we wanted to visit and see.

The incredible stores, experiences...but please note, in winter many of the places to visit are shut. So aim for the warmer months.

The morning began with some short walks to several stores, getting psychic readings and buying some special souvenirs. Followed by a photo opp at the bewitched statue, lunch and then made our way to the Witch house. Now, this is what I was getting excited about.

We walked into the house and instantly felt the energy (not so nice), paid our dues and then made our way to the upstairs of this 17th-century house, the only remaining house with direct links to the witch trials.

As we made our way up the very squeaky staircase, that I was sure was going to break - we walked into the bedroom of Judge Corwin. It was incredible to see the furniture of that time and I was happily taking snaps (countless photos) of everything, my eyes could see.

Now being a sensitive, I could feel all the energies in the room and I was starting to feel off-balanced. A quick white light protection and then continued...

Now the energy was growing around us....this didn't feel nice and clearly did not want us in there. It's a small house and it doesn't take long to see most of it. Towards the end...I had taken at least 100 photos with my phone and then something happened.

My phone froze and then after a few seconds restarted. At this point, I was frustrated and just wanted to take my final photos (which was not to be).

I then had to find a seat, because now the energy around was so strong...I was dizzy and needed a seat. By this point, I needed to get out of the house, into the cold fresh air and get my energy back.

As we left the house and discussing what we a feeling, we all discovered we all saw very different people in the house. I was talking about a blonde lady and the others a brunette....but I didn't see a brunette. Wow, this was wild.

After 10 min of trying to turn my phone on, I finally managed to get into my photos - but nothing else worked. I couldn't go to any other apps or uber (which we needed). I could not believe my eyes when I saw what was on my photo reel. (See red pic below in gallery).

Most of the pictures I had taken were gone. Yep gone. All I had was red, grey and some gradients...what was going on?!?!. After an hour of trying to work my phone out, the only thing I could manage was to delete most of the photos from the house and as soon as I did this - the phone came back to life! So now I have only a few remaining photos.

The energy in this house is incredible and not all pretty tho. But something you need to experience.

P.s. what I would do to be able to read those pages! ahhhhhh

Hope you enjoyed our story.

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