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Black Salt, how to make and use it

Black Salt, is a very famous Hoodoo and Santeria magical tool and should not be confused with the one used in Indian cuisine,

It is an invaluable product in any witch’s cupboard as it can remove negative energy from your property, remove unwanted guests and prevent them from returning back to you, protect you from the influences of third parties (relatives, colleagues, neighbours etc).

Recipe of Black Salt

Black Salt exists in a ready-to-use form in the market but I will reveal its recipe to you if you prefer to make it yourself.

Traditionally, the recipe demands to add salt along with scrapings from culinary pots (if you have an old cooking pot with enough black metal to scrap then this can be used).

My favourite option is to mix salt with charcoal, crushed black pepper, ash from your fireplace, or even better ash of protective herbs that you have previously burned in your cauldron.

For every three spoons of salt add one spoon of the material of your choice.

Now how to use black salt:

  • Create a circle around the perimeter of your house for protection.

  • Sprinkle in your place to banish evil and to cleanse from negativity.

  • Furthermore, open your door and sprinkle some salt outside of your door. You can name the person you don’t wish to visit your property again and the reasons behind this.

  • Sprinkle some, salt with caution, behind the person you wish to remove from your place and then some outside of your door.

Source: Magical Recipes


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