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Self Love Ritual

Updated: May 7, 2021

Self Love Meditation

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This self-care ritual is all about giving yourself the time you need to release and renew. Take your precious time with this ritual. You are making a new type of love to yourself. You are igniting a golden fire inside of you. Make time to make this special.

1) BATH RITUAL: Using a cleansing bath

Soak away self-doubt, stress, and energies that block loving energy from your vibration with a sweet salt bath. Powered by powerful essential oils, Australian pink clay & Epsom salts - these cleansing bath salts are designed to boost your confidence and self-esteem while you self care like a goddess.

  • Set the mood for the ceremony. Play relaxing music and light candles in the bathroom. Burn incense if you’d like.

  • Draw a bath, and add 1 -4 tablespoons into the drawn bath.

  • Soak while affirming self-love.

2) ANOINTING RITUAL: Using Amity Lotion

  • Apply our luxurious lotion to your entire body after soaking in the Self Love bath.

  • While massaging yourself, repeat the affirmation.


In front of your mirror, recite mantras/affirmation. Repeat daily.

The Self Love ritual is a source of renewal. It was made for women and men who may want to introduce more loving vibrations in their lives - whether they want a boost in self-esteem and confidence or want to attract more love in your life. This ritual is designed to pamper, beautify, and fortify you for love, confidence, and sweetness unparalleled.

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