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How to create your own Sigil?

What is a Sigil?

A sigil is a symbol. A symbol that represents a goal, desire or ambition that you’d like to bring into your life.

What you will need?

  • Paper ( a few sheets)

  • Pen/Pencil

  • A distraction free place to work

  • Allow some time, cant rush magical things.

How to create your own sigil?

  1. Create your quiet space - You can do this by surrounding yourself with crystals, candles, incense and even a dictionary if you want to find/define the right words. I cant say this strong enough, but you need to be specific. You can ask for love, but love comes in many forms….so be specific and say a true love equal partner

  2. Quiet your mind and write down your goal, desire of sentence - Think of your hearts true desire? What is in your gut? What is it that you really really want?

  3. Strike out all the vowels - from your statement, word or sentence, cross out all the vowels. Vowels are A E I O U.

  4. Strike out duplicate consonants - (this is optional) Listen to your gut on this one. I sometimes do it and sometimes don’t.

  5. Rearrange all the letters until you have a symbol - This is the creative part. Arrange the letters to create a symbol. (samples below)

  6. Join the letters, have different size letters, have them upside-down - arrange them in any way, until you have created a symbol you are happy with.

What to do when you have a symbol and you are happy with it?

When you have finished and have a symbol you are happy with… the symbol somewhere you can see daily and instil the intent into it, each and every day.

(I usually place them on a bedside table or if i’m super keen - I take a photo of it and have it as my phone screen background)

You can also perform a small ritual to give your message or intent to the universe.

This can be as simple as setting your space with:-

Candles | Fire ( select a candles appropriate to your intention)

Crystals | Earth ( select a candles appropriate to your intention)

Incense | Air (can be any of your favourites)

Water | A bowl or dish.

Music | Meditation music or sounds

Salt -| To create a working circle

Paper| Your Sigil

Bell | A real one or download a bell App.

The Ritual

Light your candle, incense, have your water bowl in your ritual space - start your music/sounds.

Make a circle with rock salt around your ritual space.

(this can be just big enough to enclose all your elements)

If you don’t have salt and need to work the ritual, image a white light circle surrounding you.

Say the following as you cast your circle

From East to South and North to West,

As guided by spirit to manifest.

I call upon Gaia & guides to attend,

Together in the circle, until its end,

With hands steadfast, the circle is cast

When you are ready, take some time to focus on your goal/desire you want to achieve.

Talk to the goddess/spirit guides and talk through what you are looking for or want.

Once you are comfortable get your piece of paper with sigil and with the flame from the candle light the paper with the flame, (carefully and cautiously of course) then when its time for you, before it get close to your fingers - drop it in the bowl of water to put the flame out or on a plate to burn out.

(Anytime you light something and create smoke, you are giving a message to the universe)

When you are finished - its time to put the circle down.

Say the following and then you can let the candle and incense keep burning for as long as you like…

And now its done, with harm to none,

Inhale the power, of this spellbinding hour,

With the bell sound (ding) the magic is bound.

As the ritual candle here glows,

Now its time for the circle to close.


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