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Crystal Therapy & The Science Around the Concept

Crystal energy has been around for thousands of years, with ancient civilisations harnessing the energy of crystals.

Crystal Healing is a holistic healing modality that uses the vibrational qualities of the stone or crystal to bring balance to the subtle energy system.

Our bodies are complex, cells, structure and system. When they are in tune, we feel wonderful. However, if one aspect goes “out of tune” crystal healing can work to bring our body back into alignment and promote wellbeing.

Watch the science behind crystal healing.

What We Know Now About Healing Crystals?

Concepts of Electromagnetism

Concepts of electromagnetism as proven by James Clerk Maxwell and their interdependent nature along with the various breakthroughs in quantum theory have given us scientific evidence for what the ancients always knew.

Because everything vibrates at certain frequencies, they have the ability shift and alter the frequencies of other objects or bodies when they occupy the same space.

Hence, a crystal – which vibrates at its own frequency oscillations – vibrates within our own energy field through the physical law of resonance and creates a larger vibrational field. In essence, these connecting vibrations can harmonise frequencies and stimulate biochemical shifts that affect physical health in a positive, healing way.


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