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About Cantata Elixir


Cantata Elixir products are energy focused, aromatherapy based & used in a ritualistic manner, to bring into our lives the energies we desire.

Every product comes with an energy-charged crystal, to enhance your Ritual Experience! Cantata Elixir utilises Magical Aromatherapy, whereby you use a scent associated with particular energy/healing property and use them in a ritualistic manner - with the law of attraction, to draw in the energies you desire.

Put simply, it's the blend of traditional practices with modern aromatherapy. A powerful practice where you can use the power of scent to enhance your life.

Lotions | Hand Body Wash | Hand Cream | Crystal Soap Bars &


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Learn the art of everyday rituals and bring the energy of relaxation, uplifting and love into your life. Follow us on Instagram for simple everyday rituals to manifest, affirm and enjoy the benefits of these enchanted candles and skincare products, with moon charged crystals.

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